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When we learn the cause of the disease, then and not before, will we begin to unravel the layers towards the restoration of health.

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woman suffering from a stomach pain

Severe abdominal swelling, incontinence & irregular monthly cycles

In 2016, I had severe pain in my abdomen, swelling, urine urgency, and blood in my urine. I went for a regular checkup there I was referred to a urologist. The doctor performed an endoscopy, saw lesions on my bladder. Subsequently, I went in for the cauterization of the abnormal cells in the bladder. However, my pain persisted for the next 6months. I was referred to a gynecologist for a further check-up. She asked me my age, I had just turned 40, asked if I had a c section and put two and two together and remarked – I quote, Asian women are done by 40. You will have pain and you have to manage it with pain patches. That’s when I approached my Integrative Healthcare Practioner, Madhur Kumar CCH. I’ve been under his supervision for the last four years now. It’s been a remarkable journey. Since I had complex sets of issues, he and his mentors have worked constantly to tackle individual issues. My constant urge to urinate reduced considerably, the pain in several different regions of the abdomen reduced, area by area, I still have few issues like pain in the lowest point of the abdomen, we are working on that. The pain is no longer debilitating. I’d say I’m 80% cured. My disposition is better I am energetic throughout the day. Most importantly I feel happy, thanks to homeopathy.  –  2020, Age 44 – Female, USA