Expressions . . .



Sushant was killed because he was good. Goodness is not welcomed in the place where darkness abides. He was killed because he was talented enough to survive in the industry that too without a Godfather. He did not bow down the way others did. That made him dangerous. 
How could he thrive, even succeed, and worse – dare dream for more !?!? 
No, that was unacceptable. It would be bad precedence and so he had to be eliminated. 

How could he have heroic traits and think of protecting those that were mere commodities in the dark world? Child exploitation, drug abuse, sex rackets these activities had to run uninterrupted. 

Here was Sushant who was truly loving and offering his true friendship. That was not how it worked. How could it be tolerated? 
He had to be eliminated -deconstructed first, destroyed bit by bit, forced into submission, then killed. His death had to be brutal. It had to be ridiculed. It would everyone else learn to obey! He could not leave everything and move out either. There was no escape for him. 
Drunk on the ultimate power these false Gods are now facing HIM. 
We are the voice of God. How else would people all over the world speak out in unison? This means something. It did not happen before though there were other deaths. So let’s keep our faith and let’s keep roaring louder and louder. 

Big fish small fish: By Pragya Madhure

All on the shore
Give me more give me more give me more give me more !!!
Go said the big fish
Cmon don’t be ‘bore
Kill said the big fish
Drag him to the shore
Hush said the big fish Eat him As you wish
We don’t bother anyways about a meager Dish
But kill him but kill him
Let us see you fill him
Fill him everywhere
Not a corner shall you spare
No wriggle room
Go build his tomb
And if they ask us
We’ll say - he whom ???
He who? …you who ??
Us ,you’ll never get to .
The world entangled in this web of lie
There’s way many small fishes to fry
Oh this unnecessary ruckus
Can they really ever find us
( That evil laugh !!!)
Now He is gone and so will you
Let us live in our kingdom true.
Forever ….. our rule.
Big fish small fish
All on the shore
Give me more give me more give me more give me more !!!