Going Going Gone … 
By Pragya Madhure

I screamed loud and I screamed clear 
It took immense courage to wipe my own tear 
Fighting this art, abstract and  deep 
Of deception, control, and low blows cheap. 

They the revered sun, 
The moon, the entire solar system.
Me …A  fleeting comet, 
Must follow their convoluted dictum.  

The string-pullers grouping 
scripting my success. 
Cruel to the core laughing at my distress. 
I’m Welcomed only if I stoop to assist ‘em, 
Burnt for sure if I dare resist ‘em. 

Yes I can be a star 
But  may shine only from afar 
With iron hand and treachery 
they control this world’s trajectory 

Artists of deception town 
They bleed you dry they kill you slow 
Their colors you may never know 

How can I shape my destiny here 
They’ll make sure I disappear
Oh, I’ve been strong too long – 
[Alone !! ]
Now I’m going, going, gone. 

[With a broken heart, I bid adieu. 
if you didn’t support me then don’t waste your tears now . ]

I’ve been writing about bullying on my page for long. In a sad turn of events, a beautiful soul fought hard, alone.  Tragically he let go. Can anyone be held accountable? How can we unmask the face of deceit? It has apparently mastered  cunning